Sunday, 1 September 2019

Remote and Work from home jobs


In this fast paced World, we need every thing readily available. Do you agree? Some may not, people like me. But the majority does need things fast, especially the youngsters.
 Same goes true with remote and Work at home jobs. There are hundreds or even thousands of books that dictate ways and means of getting an income online….but…this book stands out, because I dig deep into all the major portals, that help people to secure an online job.
 I do this every minute, every hour and every day. On an average I get 500 to thousand jobs, but not all are really work from home.
 I cannot simply put all of these in these series of books. What I do is, I select phrases, like driver, CDL, surrogate, Cleaning, Cleaner, Handyman etc., etc., the list is big, because I don’t consider these as real “work from home” jobs, but by mistake all these jobs are getting posted under the work from category, in different portals. So, to make the list more related to remote jobs, I remove the job titles that contains these phrases.
And I do this every day for your benefit. Now, the final list, is more related to work from home jobs and I strongly believe this list will help the job seekers to get their dream jobs.
 I tell you, there are plenty and plenty of jobs available each day. This is not just an ebook, this is more like a daily newspaper, and that is how I want the readers to look at it, with the most relevant jobs in the work at home category. So, no more waiting let’s head jump to the current list of jobs that
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are available in the past 24 hours. Good luck and cheers!!! Caution : Craigslist is one of the largest job boards out there in US. It generally skews toward lower skilled or temporary positions but is a fantastic resource for most jobs. Each day there are thousands of work from home jobs getting posted in Craigslist and I did my level best to remove jobs that are not a Work from Home. For Eg., I searched for the following phrases in the report, - driver, CDL, dog, plumber, carpenter, caregiver, handyman, cleaner, cleaning, surrogate, cook etc., - and removed those jobs from the list to make it more related to work from home. However, it is highly impossible for me to check each job and see if it is spam or real job vacancy. Just because there are good amount of spam jobs, we should not let genuine and good work from home opportunity to slip through our fingers. In addition to the job links, I will also be placing some good informative links related to work at home jobs. All these links will be recent and latest.

My intention is not to miss out anything that occurs related to the remote jobs, this book will remain as one stop solution for those who aspire to start an online business or to get in to an online job.