How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing | BLOGGINGSURE 2021

Affiliate marketing is a great way to turn your blog into a business. Learn How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing and get results in 2021

I have a lot of weeks that I make 1,000$ a week from blogging and affiliate marketing. Making 5 to 10 thousand dollars a month by blogging or affiliate marketing is not a big deal at present. I have learned a lot over the last 10 years, yet I am learning something new every day. Today I want to share with you “How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing” all that I have learned from working with different clients on different topics.

What I have learned in 8/10 years, I am sharing with you all in this blog today. This will save a lot of your time. By all accounts, I have set up 16 blog sites so far. Today I have just started this blogging and affiliate marketing website. has started this affiliate blogging site in a whole new way, with a new purpose. I have never written about such an educational subject before. So for those who want to work with blogging or affiliate marketing, this website may be a turning point for you.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
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Do you hear the words well? Let’s get started then.

Blogging and affiliate marketing are among the few in the world to spend less capital and make passive and active income. Let me give you a little idea at the beginning.

What is blogging? What is affiliate marketing?

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing 2021

Blogging is constructive writing about any topic and affiliate marketing is earning commissions from selling products of other companies. Hopefully, this issue has been cleared. We will learn how to combine these two things together today, to earn at least 1 thousand dollars a month.

The point is simple – blogging and affiliate marketing are intertwined in product promotion. To blog, you must first select a topic. The article I am writing today is about blogging and affiliate marketing. This is a new chapter for me too. So what I have learned over the years and how you can generate income quickly with less time is the topic of today. But there is no such thing as an overnight success. It’s all about moving forward every day with your regular hard work and perseverance.
Choose a topic that you always want to know about. That’s what you always think about and want to move into the future. And there is no alternative to education, no shortcut to knowing “How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing”.

Things you need to know to start blogging

I used to write about tourism and business in the beginning. Those sites are now established and working every day. Very good income is also being generated. When writing an article, you should first look at it from the reader’s point of view. How do you feel as a reader of what you are writing? If necessary, always keep updating the text. I do too, but have 100% faith in you.

The bottom line is that the more visitors to your website or blog, the more time you will generate. So try to give as much clear value as possible to your readers.

Complete the following topics one by one-

1. Take a domain based on the topic you want to write about. For example, the subject of my domain is blogging and affiliate marketing related. I will only discuss affiliate blogging under this domain. I will sell my various e-products through affiliate blogging. So I chose the domain

There is a link to this blog on how to choose a domain. This will help you find the domain you need.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
Choose a domain, buy hosting and install WordPress

2. Use good quality hosting. This hosting will depend on your future income. It doesn’t feel good to hear that, but it’s real. If the hosting is not good, your readers will always have problems with connectivity loading and you will also be deprived of more income. I have personally worked with 4/5 good hosting companies. In the meantime, I have been using GreenGeeks hosting for the last 5 years. Website Loading Speed, Smooth Trekking, Secure & Eco Friendly With all these things in mind, I use GreenGeeks Web Hosting to keep my website hacking-free. Where it costs 15-20$ to buy a domain, the domain is free for one year with GreenGeeks Hosting. This is definitely a good support for a beginner.

Install WordPress & Astra Theme

3. Install Word Press after taking the domain and hosting. Word Press can be installed with one click, so it is very popular with almost all bloggers. It can add many free plug-ins, which you will need when you write.

4. After installing Word Press, install a theme to customize your website. Install the Starter template in Word Press and import a demo website according to your topic from here. This will save a lot of your time and effort.
Now replace or upload the design and content as required on the site you have imported.
Great deal, right. Instantly your website was created for blogging. Now follow the 5th step to start blogging.

5. Yoast SEO Plug-in is very important for writing SEO-optimized articles. The plug-in allows you to publish good-quality blogs or articles. In the interest of bloggers, Word Press provides this plug-in for free. Also, install some more necessary plug-ins so that you can smoothly present your writing beautifully to your readers. Such as Eliminator, Google Search Console, Pretty Link, etc.

6. Nice, now start your writing. Before you start writing, create a script full of what you want to write about. Such as Blog title, short description, keyword, the value of body, conclusion, etc. Finally, in the comments, you can add a request to know something about your writing. This is called a call to action in the language of promotion.

Let’s talk a little bit about blog Titles, Descriptions, Keyword Research, and the Yoast SEO plug-in

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
Write proper Blog Title, Slug, Meta Description

TITLE: You can take an idea by searching on Google to write a title. Do good research on how someone else has written about the topic you want to write about or what the title is. Try to write the title in an interesting way between 55-60 characters. Bigger titles in Google search don’t show everything. So it is better to keep as much as the show.
You must know that if you search for any topic on Google, 8/10 results can be seen on the first page. Although it is not possible to read all of them, at least open the first 5/6 articles and try to understand by reading line by line. You can get your writing ideas from here. It’s a pretty good and good idea to write anything.

DESCRIPTION: Description is a short summary of your blog, which is the essence of Entire Blog. Try to keep the main point of the whole article as short as possible. Because after reading this short summary, the reader will consider whether he is getting the desired information in the next articles. If the reader mentions his essentials in this description, he will be interested in the following articles.


Just one perfect keyword can make you rich in just a few days. Yes, indeed. The total article should be sorted with one main keyword and 3/4 supporting keywords for writing an article. Since Google search ranking keyword base works, keyword research is very important before writing an article on any topic.

You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to do keyword research. You can also use some of the paid tools in the market if you want to spend. It will give you a great idea about your keyword research, content research, competitor content checking, and ranking idea. This will help your blog rank faster on Google.

But it is better to start with free at the beginning, I suggest free tools. Since I will rank my blog in Google, using Google’s free tool is definitely effective. You can use the paid tool as needed to gradually increase your writing skills. AHREFS and SEMRUSH play a great role in article ranking. I use AHREFS as well as free tools. I hope to publish a new article on this ranking factor for your convenience in the future. So use the free tools at the beginning.

Create GreenLight SEO Article with YOAST SEO PLUGINS

Yoast SEO Plug-in: You can definitely write a very good-quality blog using this free plug-in. Most bloggers develop blog SEO rankings using this plug-in. I also use this plug-in from the beginning till now. This plug-in allows you to publish articles by checking blog titles, descriptions, keyword placements, tags, permalinks, checking quality and readability scores, and SEO technical issues.

Finally, write the conclusion of your entire blog and thank the readers for reading the article. You can also request to write something in the comments about the blog.

How do you learn blogging and affiliate marketing?

Write down in a notebook the things you have difficulty understanding. Watch videos on YouTube, read blogs on Google, even if it takes a while, you can learn or know. Remember that only your interest in learning or knowing can get you to your desired destination.

Keep learning the rules every day and solve your problem and create content for yourself again. Keep uploading content regularly. One thing to keep in mind- you may have to spend a lot of time learning these things by reading Google articles or watching YouTube videos. Or learn online from industry experts. There are a lot of people who are working successfully in this industry.

“BizGurukul” is very professional and very good for learning subjects like blogging, affiliate marketing, social media profile development, digital marketing, email marketing, spoken English, personal development, website development, social media marketing, etc. You can learn all about it by logging in once if you wish. If you like it and you can take a 3-month course by paying the service fee as per your need.

You can enroll in the course by watching the video by submitting the required information by clicking on the link. The “BizGurukul” charges a total of-80-130 for the total course. From here you will also get the benefit of affiliate marketing, as BizGurukul provides an affiliate facility for all the students of the institute.

How to make money through blogs and affiliate marketing

The purpose of writing a blog or article is to provide value to others. Someone else is reading your article and he is benefiting from reading this article. So the more blogs you have on your website, the more visitors will gradually increase. When 20/25 blogs are published on your website, your created visitors will read your blog according to the rules. You can apply for AdSense approval when you notice that 100 visitors are visiting your website regularly every day. If you have visitors to your site, AdSense will approve. After enabling monetization, income will start from your site through Adsense. All the bloggers in the world start earning money from Adsense first. It is a respectable income.

Let’s find out how income comes from affiliate marketing

About 85% of companies worldwide currently provide affiliate systems. The affiliate system is – Suppose a company has launched a product, you are joining the affiliate of that company and selling its product to others with the help of your social network with the link of that product. In return, you get a commission. This is the essence of affiliate marketing. Now let’s talk about the commission. Amazon and Flip-cut affiliates are very popular for generating income very easily and quickly. Join Amazon’s affiliate and sell through your social network with links to your targeted products.

Here Amazon pays commission according to the category of the product. However, up to 3-10% commission can be generated. This is the commission on physical products; up to 50% -60% commissions can be generated on digital products. Digital products are – online courses, software, eBooks, etc. Wondering how to get started? Don’t worry If you want to build a career with blogging and affiliate marketing, you must learn the following points well.

Lets Start

ONE: Simple Blogging Website Development.

TWO: You need to have a standard idea about the topic you are blogging about.

THREE: You must learn how to use social media profile development such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Quora, LinkedIn, these social media sites. These are made to work.

FOUR: You must know how to set up an email promotion system and make regular information circulars.

FIVE: Create regular content. There are usually 3 types of content – image, video, and writing. Preparing to prepare the kind of content that needs to be created to promote online. What is usually called organic promotion, you have to learn to run a paid promotion.

SIX: You need to know how to create content for promotion by joining product selection and affiliate.

SEVEN: Regular content creation, regular uploading, regular promotion, if you can cheat these 3 things, it is not impossible to achieve success in 3 months.

So let’s take a 3-month challenge and prove ourselves. If you want to be established in this sector, follow the steps below and start working from today.

Paid plan for Your Life:

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

1. Let’s search the domain on the selected topic. I select the domain from by typing in the Google search bar. This is the best platform to search the domain. After selecting the domain, let’s do the 2nd step.

2. To get the hosting, check the hosting plan by clicking on and buy as required. Choose to host for at least one year. Good hosting is the first step to the success of every blogger and affiliate marketer. Remember that hosting protects the content of your website and helps others see, read and buy products. This is your first investment in doing business online. This Green hosting service provides the best hosting facility for every blogger and affiliate marketer. Also provides a free domain for one year.

3. After taking the domain and hosting, start developing the website and blog post. Make sure you have at least 2 blog posts per week.

4. After posting the blog, create separate content for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and all the social media sites you are using according to the specific blog. Especially shorts are quite effective for video leads generation and promotion.

5. Keep learning regularly, and what can I say- keep working regularly in the Same Way. Success is bound to come very soon in this system.

Thanks, so far today to read “How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing”. The next blog is about how to make short videos in the next blog and how to create content for promotion. If you can understand all the above points well, it is possible to make a good quality income from blogging and affiliate marketing.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing | Today’s Keyword

Today I am writing about how to start a blog. How to make a generate income with affiliate marketing. Today I am writing about how to start a blog. Create a website by setting up a domain and hosting with word press. Publish a full blog through blog posts and SEO optimization on the website. Create and promote content after publishing a blog.

Hopefully, my 10 years of experience will be able to achieve success through your regular hard work. It was also a 90-day income challenge for my site. Since is my new website based on learning topics, I will also try to upload regular content.

My closest readers who have been calling for advice almost all the time, I would like to request you to advise me in the comments related to this new mission.

A big thanks for finally reading the blog. This article run quality of 93% on average SEO & Readability. I am Happy!

Watch and create your own blog- “How to make money with Affiliate Marketing”

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